Just us Women

Just Us Women, a New Show discussing Woman's Fiqh

Show times : Thursdays 8pm EST, Live Broadcast

Host : Ustaadha Umm Maahir Ismaa'eel

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About the Show

Hosted by : Ustaada Umm Maahir Ismaa'eel (click for info on speaker)

Have you ever felt that as a Muslim Woman that there was not enough Islaamic programs out there dedicated for just you? Have you ever had questions run through your mind about your role as a Muslim Woman as well as your rights and responsibilities? Just Us Women is a program dedicated to just you, the Muslim Woman.IslamLife Radio presents "Just Us Women" a new show hosted by Shaykha Umm Maahir Ismaa'eel. The goal is at-Tasfiyah wat-Tarbiyah, purification and correction through education and cultivation. This show will be targeting issues of Women in Islaam. Topics to include Woman's Fiqh, motivation and builders of self esteem and self worth and much much more.

Oh Sisters take advantage of learning about the honor Allaah azza wa'jal has blessed you with in light of the Qur'an and Sunnah. So join the Sisters at IslamLife Radio for "Just Us Women".

Facebook page : www.facebook.com/JustUsWomenShow

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